Sports: History And Categories

Human body is capable of handling a lot of highs and lows. It all depends on how well you use it, and gain the maximum benefits from it. Since the Stone Age, humans have been using their mind and body strength to survive and evolve in all ways possible. Hunting animals for food and feed themselves, division into territories and wars, fighting for people’s rights, all this has somewhere or the other helped in evolution for sports. To be precise, its evolution began due to many reasons like warfare, entertainment and even competing to get married to the princess of a powerful territory.

In ancient times, people used to compete to achieve some significant things to rule and prove their worth and mostly by men who were prince or king/ruler of some state or country, or maybe amongst the common men to prove that they are capable of fighting as a troop in army. With the passage of time, this competition between humans was given the name of sports.

Categories of sports:

Sports not only requires your body now because various categories of it have come up with its evolution and almost everyone nowadays have a long list of games out of which they can choose to be good at. The categories are as follows-

Yoga and its benefit

  • Using physical strength – Well-known sports like football, basketball, cricket, soccer, and javelin throw use physical abilities of human body to win in teams or individually against the competitor. Now even sports for physically disabled people have been introduced in Olympics.
  • Using animal support – Going back in time, horse riding and polo was a popular sport in many regions of England. The sport is till date loved and famous in not only England but worldwide. Some other sports like bull riding and Spanish bull fighting have been invented using their references.
  • Using mental ability – brain games come from the times of kings and maharajas where they used tactics and misleading games to expand their territories. It would not be a lie that chess the greatest mental sport has come up from the same concept.
  • Using motorized items – motor and technology combined has made work very easy and has even helped invent games like car racing and power-boating where motor item is an essential for competing in these sports.
  • E-sports – not to forget the gift to technology and invention of personal computers to the sports industry, the new generation has invented an e-world where they play games like online battle arena game and first-person shooting with players representing their countries just like any other sport.