Shopping: Spectrum Of Convenience And Bargain

The word shopping illustrates so many different visuals for each one of us in our unique perspectives. Since it’s the festive season of the year, India looks nothing less than a newly wedded bride decked up with bright colours. Hailing from the eastern part of the country, mid-august sets the beginning of shopping for all Bengalis and thus slogging through weekdays while traveling to work and having observed the Durga puja sale early in the morning works quite like the rush of caffeine. I feel amazed at how different shopping centres give us a unique thrill and varying approach. While one part of the city connects to the noisy chaos of Gariahat and esplanade the other part bridges rather sophisticated curation of clothes jewellery and a lot more. However, the noise and chaos is where the charm lies of bargaining for products from top-to-toe. With due respect the one thing that amazes me the most about brands is the fact that the shorter the fabric the more expensive is the clothing, something that goes beyond my logic!

Shopping centre

The shopping centre is an amazing place to witness people of various walks of life, of various age groups and varying choices. In the meantime, a newbie parents’ shops for their new-born child as they embark on the journey of parenthood, the other shops for his ageing mother, how people of two different phases in life cross paths in the same medium.


Cajoling the shopping for festive seasons strikes apart from the monthly grocery shopping which definitely make our Mondays terribly mundane. The relief of the aching head comes through online apps which deliver at our doorstep with just click of a button. Not only in terms of grocery but everything on this planet, from electronic, home appliances, furniture, accessories, you name it and gain it.

However, the most recent development in the market is the revival of handloom in our country and procuring handloom clothing directly from artisans (tantis especially in west Bengal), also through the online mode. With vocal for local campaign the Indian textiles are taking a leap into a new platform of demand. The Indian celebrities have dazzled the handloom industry and HRH Radhika Raje Gaekwad is to be given due credit for her pushing efforts in the said field. India has stepped on to shifting from buying western fabric to enjoying the taste of Indian handloom and taking pride in the entire process of exploring the space that had taken a backseat in the past few years.