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Buy CSH Cannula Online. it comes with TSKiD Standard barrels. TSK has developed special TSKiD needle barrels that have enlarged inner diameters. TSKiD technology differentiates TSKiD Standard, Large and MAX. Where the inner diameter of a 30G needle compared to the ISO standard increases up to 65% with TSKiD™ Max. Order CSH Cannula Online UK.

As a result the extrusion force is lower and your flow rate higher. However the tip shape remains traditional, ensuring familiar handling. In short the CSH cannula is the answer when searching for a traditional cannula, only better. can i buy  CSH Cannula London  uk

The biggest advantage of cannulas over needles is the reduced risk of bruising during filler injections. Other advantages of cannulas include the ability to treat a larger area with only one injection point and better comfort. Order CSH Cannula Online Manchester.

Other CSH cannula Features

Although the CSH cannula performance is lower than the STERiGLIDE cannula, it still competes well with other cannulas available on the market, due to its ULTRA thin wall. With its increased size internal diameter, it still produces 35% less force, resulting in more precise gel administration that is smoother too. Buy CSH Cannula Canada

The ultra-thin wall increases the diameter by 24% for a 27G cannula and by 17% for a 30G cannula.

Unlike the STERiGLIDE cannula’s dome shaped tip, CSH has a blunt closed tip which also aids less trauma for the patient with easier handling for the practitioner. where to Buy CSH Cannula AU.

PRODUCT INFO – Ultra thin wall
– 35% less extrusion force needed
– Reduced risk of trauma
– Smoother & more controlled injectionTSK has developed a closed-tip side hole (CSH) cannula with optimal flexibility and a laser cut side hole that reduces the risk of bleeding. The CSH sets itself apart from other cannulas in the market because of the ULTRA thin wall. A larger internal diameter results in up to 35% less extrusion force and therefore a smoother and more controlled injection.
PIECES/BOX 25 pieces
GAUGE 22G, 25G, 27G, 30G
LENGTH 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 70mm
KIND Blunt tip cannulas
TYPE Dermal filler

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