ALK Jext 300 Micrograms 1 single dose


Jext is a prefilled pen used to treat anaphylaxis, manufactured by ALK-Abelló. It contains adrenaline and is injected into the thigh muscle.

We offer Jext on an individual patient basis through our secure online pharmacy service. If you are a staff member or teacher and would like to buy Jext for your school,


Jext is a treatment used to treat anaphylactic shock in patients with severe allergies. It is a prefilled pen, containing adrenaline, which is injected into the muscular tissue in the thigh. During an anaphylactic episode, this works by preventing blood pressure from dropping to dangerous levels. Jext is manufactured by ALK and is only available to buy in the UK with a prescription. It contains the same ingredient as EpiPen and works in the same way.

Because two pens may be needed to treat a reaction in some cases, patients with anaphylactic allergies are advised to carry two with them. These should be administered 5-15 minutes apart, where required.

The term allergy is one which spans a wide range of reactions, from those displaying relatively mild or gradual symptoms, to severe symptoms caused by food or an insect sting. Many allergies, such as hay fever and contact dermatitis, can cause considerable discomfort and irritation, but are often not life-threatening.

Anaphylaxis, however, is a medical emergency. Reactions of this type tend to have a very sudden nature of onset, and are typically caused through contact with certain foods (nuts and shellfish are common triggers) or an insect sting (such as from a wasp). Medications can also sometimes cause this effect.

Symptoms of an anaphylactic response are numerous and might include the appearance of an itchy rash, swelling of the eyes, lips or throat, or loss of consciousness. In severe cases, the airways can swell to a degree which causes an obstruction and breathing difficulties, and a drop in blood pressure may also cause heart failure.

This type of response is the result of the immune system reacting to certain stimuli which it perceives as a threat. In an effort to protect the body from the allergen, the body releases a chemical which has an inflammatory effect, and causes blood vessels to significantly widen. Blood pressure falls dramatically as a result and tissue swelling occurs.

The active ingredient in Jext is epinephrine (adrenaline), which acts on alpha and beta adrenergic receptors. These receptors are connected to blood vessels, and by stimulating them, adrenaline causes blood vessels to narrow, increasing blood pressure and cardiac blood flow. It also helps to reduce muscular airway constriction, making breathing easier.

When living with an allergy, it’s vital to be prepared. Those with severe allergies will be advised by their doctor to carry an adrenaline pen with them at all times. Those looking to buy Jext online can do so through our secure prescription facility. All cases are reviewed by GMC-registered doctors or GPhC registered pharmacy prescribers, before being issued by our UK-based pharmacy. Our courier partners are able to deliver most orders within 24 hours, or one working day.

Please note that adrenaline pens come with an an expiry date. Once this date has passed, they will need to be replaced. We offer a free expiry notification service for patients ordering Jext.


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