HappyVisc 15.5mg/ml (3x2ml)


sodium hyaluronate viscosupplement


  • HAppyVisc™ is a visco-elastic gel which combines high molecular weight hyaluronic acid of 1.5 million Daltons and mannitol.

    HAppyVisc™ contains high concentration of hyaluronic acid (1.55%) i.e. 31 mg/syringe. HAppyVisc™ brings 50% more hyaluronic acid than a traditional visco-elastic solution.

    HAppyVisc™ contains high concentration of mannitol (70 mg/syringe).

    Long-lasting effect: Mannitol is an anti-oxidant which protects hyaluronic acid chains from free radicals and limits their degradation increasing then their residence time in the joint cavity.

    Analgesic effect: Due to its free radical scavenging properties, mannitol also ensures local analgesic effect.

    Stabilizer: Because it is a thermal stabilizer, mannitol allows HAppyVisc™ to guarantee a stability of its rheological properties all along its storage.

    HAppyVisc™ is highly purified and results from bacterial fermentation.


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