Hyafilia Classic (1x1ml)


Natural Safe Filler

  • It is among the most durable cosmetic rejuvenation products based on cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid and its mission is to¬†temporarily reduce the appearance of medium wrinkles¬†and folds. It is part of a revolutionary range of biphasic anti-wrinkle fillers.

    HyaFilia Classic ranks among the most low-risk skin fillers on the market. It has been thoroughly and extensively tested and it is proven to be very safe as it is fully biologically compatible and it is not toxic. For patients, this practically means zero harmful side effects. Because of its impressively effective anti-wrinkle properties and its health-friendly nature, this product is approved by the KFDA and it has all the necessary CE markings. The risk of overfilling is also reduced to a minimum.


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